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Seasafari / Adventure Agency- High Speed Powerboat Treasure Hunt Around Dublin City and Bay

High Speed Treasure Hunt In Dublin City Centre

Location: Poolbeg Marina, IFSC. (Click for map)

Duration: 3 hours. Half-day or evening

Availability: subject to weather

Suitable for: Adults (not suitable for anyone with back injuries, heart problems, pregnant, recent fractures/surgery)

Part 1 of your Treasure Hunt takes you for a high-speed ride around Dublin Bay with Seasafari to find the answers to the questions. You'll hop and skip over the waves and take in some of the best views of the City and Bay you can get. Loads of wild life will be on view- seals, sea birds and if you're lucky dolphins. The trip lasts one hour.

When you find your land legs it's time for Part 2 & 3 of your challenge- your team is equipped with a Digital Camera and a Challenge Book. The book contains photos of landmarks in the IFSC area. The teams mission is to crack the clues and find the location of the landmarks then replicate the photos with their camera.

Bonus points are also awarded for the funniest team photo, getting a photo of another team and loads more.

'On behalf of everyone here thanks a million for a great night. Very well organised. Everyone really enjoyed it. Will recommend you to our Clients'

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