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Operation Meltdown- Dublin, Cork.

Team Building Fun In Dublin And Cork

Locations 1: Dublin City Centre- click for map.

Locations 2: Cork City Centre- click for map.

Duration: 2 hours

Availability: all year.

Suitable for: Adults

A container of Plutonium has been stolen by an international terrorist gang from a top secret government SSF (Secure Storage Facility) in the US. The gang have brought it Ireland for holding thinking it would be safe due to our neutral status. It's believed the terrorist are planning to sell the Plutonium to rogue countries to fuel their nuclear weapons program and pose a threat to world peace.

Your crack team of secret agents has been called in to find it- FAST, before it leaves the country! Your team's dossier will outline your teams role and your mission. Details include information on Operatives who will make contact and give you vital information. When you've found all parts of the code you then go under cover and meet the terrorists to make the handover.

The missing Plutonium is out there and it must be found. The team to do it the quickest will be the winners along the with team of assassins with the most kills!

This is a role-play event and involves a number of actors. Fun teambuilding activities at its best- guaranteed fun!

If you are looking for a fun outdoor team challenge in Dublin City Centre or Cork City Centre then this is perfect for you.

'All of our staff thoroughly enjoyed there afternoon away from the office and all agreed that the "Operation Meltdown " theme was brilliant. I am sure I will be speaking to you again regarding future staff days/nights out'

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