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Crystal Maze- Now Try Jailbreak

Wicklow and Cork Crystal Maze Event

Location 1: Wicklow Historic Gaol (1 hour from Dublin City Centre)- click for map.

Location 2: Cork City Gaol- click for map.

Duration: 2.5 hours, available after 5pm in Wicklow (early start version available 3:30pm) and 5pm in Cork every day throughout the year. During winter months available from 4pm in Cork.

Minimum charge 20 people (you can still do the event with less people).

Are you looking for a Crystal Maze style event? Available in Wicklow which is just an hour from Dublin and also in Cork.

YOUR MISSION: crack the clues, decipher the clues and complete the Crystal Maze style challenges in the cells Get the most keys and you'll be the Crystal Maze Jailbreak winners!

Your group divide into smaller teams with 5-6 people in each. Your initial breifing will set the scene and explain how this Jail Break Challenge works.

Keys are allocated for completing challenge in the jail cells, cracking the clues and solving the codes.

You've exclusive location hire so you have the whole jail to yourselves.

This is a very unique team building event- we've have 1000s of people who have completed the jailbreak and loved it.

Other companies have tried to copy our Jailbreak but nothing has ever come near! This is the original and by far the best.

'Fantastic event, everyone of the team enjoyed the Jailbreak in Wicklow Historic Gaol. They have already requested that we do another event with yourselves. DELL'

'The Jail Break was fantastic, we're still talking about it, great fun! Cork City Gaol is a fantastic location. We have done a few different outings and the Jail Break comes out top. HSOC'

BBQs are available on site from €10pp.

Click below to see more about Wicklow Gaols Ghosts!!. © Ghostcircle.

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