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Survival Challenge, Wicklow.

Is your charity looking for a fundraising idea with a difference?? Our Survival Challenge is the ideal event which will stand out from all the rest.

This is a fantastic fundraising event which very unique and will appeal to a very wide audience.

2 or 3 days of the toughest Charity Challenge- this is only for the fit! Will your team of 2 be crowned the Ultimate Survivors? Challenge your colleagues and other friends to take the title.

Our Survival School Instructors are on hand to teach you all the survival skills you need to survive in the wilderness. Light fires without matches, build shelters, navigate, wilderness first aid, rescue and much more.

Contact is today about having a Survival Challenge as part of your fundraising plan.

The Adventure Agency - Leading the way for good causes!

Here's how the event could run:.

We issue event up-dates here as we get closer to the event.

We offer all our charities a free event domain name (.com/.net etc) and hosting.

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It's gearing up to be a tough weekend, day 1 kicks off with some essential skill checks, if anything needs refreshing this is time to get skills back up to top performance level. This session is by no means basic, it's all advanced skills and is more an opportunity for us to check that everyone is up to scratch before heading out on the main event.

The Adventure Agency - Leading the way for good causes!

That afternoon the event starts, your mission is to reach the first high camp, along the route you will have to find food dumps and stock up for the days ahead. The Orienteering on day 2 is across the open mountains and if all stations are to be found you will have to cover over 40km with your full pack. That night we bivi higher on the mountain. The final day sees 5 challenges which have to be completed in order to get to the finish line; 5 stations/5 challenges- endurance, stamina, fear, mental & skill.

The Adventure Agency - Leading the way for good causes!
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