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Treasure Hunts- School Tours, Youth Groups: Dublin & Wicklow

Locations: Dalkey, Malahide, Kildare, Wicklow, Glendalough, Schools.

Duration: Half-day or evening

Availability: all year.

Suitable for: Adults & Youth groups

Perfect for a fun filled afternoon or evening. Our Treasure Hunts are an ideal combination of team building and fun activities.

Your group divide into smaller teams, after their briefing they are issued a digital camera and their Challenge Book.

The Challenge Book contains photos of local landmarks which the teams must find and replicate with their camera. Points are awarded accordingly.

Fun team challenges are also incorporated into the event to add more fun. Also, bonus points are awarded for gather certain items.

The event can be tailored to suit the age group and location. We recommend that each team has an adult leader. Treasure Hunts can be run at a number of locations in Dublin & Wicklow

'Many thanks for sending us these pictures and thank you so much for such a wonderful night. Everyone's feedback has been very positive and we hope to do some more exciting events in the future. '

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