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Planning A Public?

Thinking about abseiling Santa into your venue? You get once to get it right.

Abseiling Santa into your venue is a provides a fantastic visual and plenty of free PR.

We have the expertise to do it. We've abseiled Santa from the roof of Croke Park and the Great Ourdoors shop, in fact we've done it several times he's liked it do much.

You can be guaranteed that Santa will be in the best hands and everything will be precisely planned to fit your program of events.

We can abseil Santa from buildings, indoor and out, from cliffs, bridges etc.

WARNING- plenty of adventure centres and instructors will tell you they can do but take a closer look at their insurance and you'll find that it does not cover abseiling off building.

We can Abseil Santa from buildings all over Ireland including Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Athlone, Wexford and many other locations.

Abseiling of buildings requires providers and abseilers to adhere to HSA Work At Height guidelines. Our lead Instructor is Work At Height Rescue Instructor and a Civil Engineering Technician and has many years experience working on buildings and at height. Failure to adhere to HSA regulations could result in prosecutions for all involved in an event of this nature.

We've Abseiled off the Aviva, Croke Park, Hotels, Offices Blocks, Bridges, Cliffs and know how to do it right.

With any Abseil (or in some countries called Rappelling) off buildings we inspect to roof of the building for suitability. Many older buildings in Dublin or other Irish cities are not suitable but most new buildings have perfect facilities for Abseiling. We provide all safety plans, operational plans, method statements and risk assessments in advance of all events.

So, if you're planning on a spectacular entrance for Santa this year don't take the chance- talk to the experts.

Call us now on 01 254 2754 or 086 827 2524.

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