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Tents For Hire Wicklow, Ireland. Four Man And Expedition Tents. Expedition Kit Hire Ireland.

We provide a range of equipment for hire including tents for hire in Wicklow, Ireland.

Available at the moment we have 10 four man dome tents which provide two bedrooms with a middle storeage area. They are ideal for families and groups.

We will soon have available four season 3/4 people expedition tents.

Also available for hire in Wicklow, Ireland we have expedtion kit, especially suited and tested in the Artic. Included are down jackets, sleeping bags, mitts and ground mats. All rated and tested by us to -18 degrees.

You can collect camping equipment for hire in Wicklow or we can arrange to courier it to you.

Our tents for hire in Wicklow are very good value and save you the hassle of transporting them with you. The rental tents are eaily to errect.

We can also provide sleeping bags and ground mats.

Get in touch today and see how good value our tents for hire in Wicklow Ireland are.

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