Croke Park Abseils


Duration: 1 day
Availability: We run this event 7 days a week
Fees: €135pp + vat
Discounts: None available
Additional costs: Vat
Max Numbers: 100/day
Min Numbers: 40


  • Amazing experience to walk along the roof of Croke Park then Abseil from the Hogan Stand
  • Easy set up and easy event to manage
  • Excellent opportunity to open your charity to new supporters
  • Perfect for fun team building event
  • Croke Park Abseils: hassle-free event!

What`s included

  • All equipment hire
  • Highly experienced, patient and qualified instructors
  • Insurance
  • A day that will not be forgotten

Croke Park Abseils

Abseil from the 3rd largest stadium in Europe and raise funds for your charity. Croke Park Abseils.

It’s not all about the Abseil- getting to the Abseil location is all part of the experience. Participants arrive at Croke Park, check in and then we take care of them: following a briefing and gearing everyone takes part in a simulated training abseil before taking the steps to the roof. Now the adrenaline really kicks in as we get onto the roof and enjoy some amazing and unique views over the City.

Participants then make their way to the screen and abseil down into the stadium seating below. After having completed the Croke Park Abseils they return to Level 7 to be met and congratulated by family and friends.

We can supply videos and images to help promote your event.

Croke Park Abseils: Who’s for it?

Anyone 18 years old or over can take part. You need good mobility to reach the start point, see FAQ below for more info.

Croke Park Abseils: Fundraising

How to structure your fundraising: we recommend you charge a registration fee in the region of €100pp then set a fundraising target of €350+. Many participants will go above and beyond this target but also for those who don’t want to fundraise they can pay the fee themselves.

We provide all equipment, a full briefing on the day and a simulated/practice abseil before heading up onto the roof.

Croke Park Abseils FAQs

How fit do participants need to be?

Fitness is not very important but agility/mobility is very important; reaching the start of the abseil requires descending 3 short ladders and climbing over a barrier. If a participant has mobility issues they need to speak to us in advance. Anyone who has had recent surgery, is/may be pregnant, has back pain or other medical/mobility issues or are over 65 must seek their GP’s advice before partaking in this event. Participants need to be made aware of these requirements when signing up for the event.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the limit is 120kg. Participants need to be made aware of this limit when signing up for the event.

Is the weather a problem?

In the 12+ years, we’ve been running this event we’ve only had to postpone it once. Lightning is our biggest problem. Rain and wind is not so much a problem as the abseil is sheltered. We follow on-site procedures to stop and close down the abseil for a short period if lightning is seen/forecast.

Can participants bring friends and family?

Yes, but can not be responsible for them. At Croke Park Abseils there is a viewing area where they can get close to the abseilers. Children must be accompanied at all times.

Can participants bring phones on the abseil?

No. Participants must leave phones and jewellery when family or friends before going up onto the roof. Access to the roof is strictly for participants only.

What are the location hire fees?

These are included in the €135pp rate. Vat is the only extra and your total price per person comes in at under €155pp.

Do we need many charity representatives on the day?

All you’ll need is staff to meet and greet participants as they arrive. You’ll need to ensure they have signed the relevant waiver (if they’ve not already done so on registering). You may want to have someone responsible for photography on the day for Croke Park Abseils.

What is not included in the fees?

The only extra on our fees is vat, the rate of €135 is subject to different vat rate but the total comes out at just around €155pp.

Does the charity need additional insurance?

You don’t need to have abseiling insurance, we cover that. You will need to have event management insurance which is a normal part of any charity insurance policy.

What does insurance cover?

Our insurance covers participants against our negligence. It doesn’t cover participants against loss/stolen belongings, cuts, scrapes etc. Nor does it cover participants in the event of an accident that’s caused by hazards outside of our control.

Are there other videos I can watch of Croke Park Abseils?

Yes! For sure- just click here for more.


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