Sahara Desert Challenge


Time of year:November
Duration: 8 days (incl. travel)
On trail: 5 days
Max group size:15-20 participants approx
Fees: €1,790pp/£1,550pp approx
Additional costs: Flights + travel insurance


  • The Sahara Desert!
  • Explore dry river beds & sand dunes
  • Camel supported
  • Camping under the stars

What`s included

  • All bus transfers in-country
  • Accommodation
  • Porters/camels catering
  • Zoom briefing in advance
  • Tips for porters & local guides
  • Expert tuition / guiding

Sahara Desert Challenge

5 days trekking through the Sahara Desert supported by camels, camping under the stars. Sahara Desert Challenge.

There’s a lot more to the desert than sand! We take this ancient caravan route and explore this diverse landscape from dry riverbeds to canyons to lunar landscapes and of course the sand dunes!

Our journey is supported by camels who will carry our heavy kit. Our support team will be local people who know the land intimately; their connection with the area will give us an immersive experience.

Each night we’ll camp in the desert as we relax and unwind after each day of stunning views, new experiences and treasures explored. The campfire starts as you gaze above to a sky full of stars before hitting our beds for a well-earned rest.

Our itinerary will allow us time to explore the Marrakesh and its bustling markets

The group will be led by highly qualified and experienced International Mountain Leaders who love to share their passion for the outdoors.

sahara desert challenge: who’s it for?

Fit outdoors people who love the sense of adventure. Fitness is important as we’ll be spending 5 days continuous trekking. Regular hillwalkers would be ideal candidates

We also include a Zoom briefing for all participants in advance along with ongoing support and assistance.


The first night we arrive in Marrakesh will be hotel based. The following 5 nights will be camping in the desert with the final night in a Riad (traditional home) in Marrakesh.

We’ll provide you with a full kit list. All participant receive a 15% discount on purchases in our store in advance of departure.

Sahara Desert Challenge FAQs

How many days is the challenge?

This expedition is 8 Days in duration. This gives us 2 days travelling to get to and from Morocco, a days travel to the desert and then 5 days trekking.

Do participant need experience?

No, but they must be able for 5 days trekking.

What kit do participants need?

We’ll provide a full kit list in advance. Night can be cold so it’s essential that participants have the correct kit.

How many participants will there be?

We have space for 15-20 participants on our Sahara Desert Challenge

Who many charity places are included?

There is one charity place available. You pay flights.

What do the fees include?

The expedition fees are €1,790pp/£1,550pp. This includes:
> All in-country transport
> Accommodation
> Catering
> Tips to porters and local guides
> Camel support
> PL insurance
> Expert guiding and highly skilled & qualified guides
> All fees are approximate and depend on final numbers.

What sort of conditions can I expect?

It’s not as hot as you think! We avoid the extreme conditions of summer. November gives crisp days with very pleasant conditions for trekking. Evenings are cool.

Is Morocco safe?

According to the US Bureau Of Consular Affairs, the threat level for Morocco is the same as for the United Kingdom. As with any city, a level of common sense is required when exploring Marrakesh.

Is Morocco safe for women?

We have found that Morocco’s reputation for the treatment of women to be unfounded especially in Marrakesh. Outside of Marrakesh, people are less intrusive. Morocco is a Muslim country and it’s very important that we respect their laws and customs. Certainly, some unwanted attention can happen but on the whole, it has never been a serious issue with our participants or female guides.

What does ‘camel supported’ mean?

Camels will be provided to carry our heavy kit from camp-to-camp. Each participant carries a day bag with extra clothing, water, snacks, suncream etc.

What is not included in the price?

Flights, you can have your travel agent arrange these or we can have ours look after all flight logistics for you.
The extra kit as per the kit list. If you’re missing anything, we can advise on how to best purchase.
Any extra tours that participants choose to take.
Each participant will require specific travel insurance, see below.

Do I need any vaccines for Morocco?

We advise that you are up to date with any vaccines you have for life in Ireland/EU. Additionally, we recommend following the advice of the Tropical Medicines Bureau, for Morocco. You should have a booster for your childhood vaccinations for Polio, Tetanus & Diphtheria if you haven’t received one in the last 10 years. Typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccines are also recommended. They additionally advise consideration be given to Hepatitis B (can be given combined with Hep. A) which many travellers and health-care workers may already have. And also consider a rabies vaccine.

Do I need additional insurance?

It is essential that all participants take out additional travel insurance for the trip. This should cover repatriation to UK/Ireland and rescue fees. Your insurance must list Morocco as a destination and have trekking as an activity. Let us know if you need details on insurance companies. We also advise that you apply for your EHIC (formally E11): Irish residents. UK residents.

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