Snowshoeing Alps


Time of yearDec – March
Duration: Custom event to suit your group
On mountain:
Max group size:15 participants approx
Additional costs: Flights + travel insurance


  • Travel hut-to-hut
  • Snowshoe to alpine summits
  • Perfect for your hillwalking club
  • Learn loads more new skills

What`s included

  • All bus transfers in-country
  • Accommodation
  • Specialist equipment hire
  • Zoom briefing in advance
  • All meals
  • Expert tuition / guiding

Snowshoeing Alps

Ever wanted to try Snowshoeing? We have a wide range of locations for your club outing. All lead by our highly qualified International Mountain Leaders. Snowshoeing Alps.

Snowshoeing is a magical experience. It allows us to get away from the crowds and explore the mountains. They take us to places that would be otherwise inaccessible in winter.

Snowshoeing allows hillwalkers to access snow covered mountains all through the winter. Our guides are all highly qualified as International Mountain Leaders and have years of experience leading people to high, wild and remote places.

We can design a snowshoeing experience for your group and we look after:

  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • All in-country transfer
  • Highly qualified & experienced guides
  • All equipment hire
  • Avalanche Safety & Awareness

The Alps offer an abundance of options for snowshoeing but Norway, Georgia or the Sierra Nevada in Spain.

Trips can be as easy going or difficult as you like and we can offer two grades each day if you have mixed fitness in your group.

Snowshoeing Alps

We provide all in-country logistics for you include airport transfers, accommodation and catering.

We also include all technical kit hire:

  • Snowshoes
  • Poles
  • Avalanche safety equipment if required

The group will be led by highly qualified and experienced International Mountain Leaders who love to share their passion for the mountains.

Snowshoeing Alps: Who’s for it

Hillwalkers who want to explore the winter mountains, who love the mountains and are eager to take their skills to the next level.

We also include a Zoom briefing for all participants in advance along with ongoing support and assistance.

There are no hidden extras – all specialist equipment hire is included: technical kit, in-country transport, catering etc.

Snowshoeing alps: Accommodation

From snowhole to boutique hotels – the choice is yours. We can work with your groups budget to build an experience that you’ll remember for a long time to come. We can trek to mountain huts to spend the night(s) or sleep in a snowhole!

We’ll provide you with a full kit list. All participant receive a 15% discount on purchases in our store in advance of departure.

snowshoeing FAQs

How many days is the experience?

As long as you want, you can do a snowshoeing experience in a long weekend or over a week.

Do participant need experience?

Hillwalking experience is necessary, you do need a reasonable level of fitness. We can tailor the experience to suit the fitness level.

What kit do participants need?

We’ll provide a full kit list in advance. Each participant will need full winter kit, it will be cold! We’ll provide the technical kit. Snowshoeing Alps.

How many participants will there be?

We have space for 15 participants approximately on our Snowshoeing Alps experience.

What do the fees include?

> All in-country transport
> Accommodation
> Catering
> Any technical equipment
> PL insurance
> Expert guiding and highly skilled & qualified guides
> All fees are approximate and depend on final numbers.

Do we provide private guiding?

Yes, we certainly do. If you’re looking for a 1 on 1 guided experience or require a guide for a small group please get in contact.

Is altitude an issue?

Sometimes, it depends on where we go.

Are avalanches a problem?

They are only a problem if we can’t read the ground and heed the warnings. A significant part of our guides training is in how to avoid avalanches.

Are mountain huts comfortable in winter?

Yes, not all mountain huts open in winter but those that do are cosy and provide hot meals. Accommodation is best described as hostel style.

What is not included in the price?

Flights, you can arrange these yourself or we can have our travel partner. The extra kit as per the kit list. If you’re missing anything we can advise on how to best purchase, any extra tours etc. Any extra tours that participants choose to take outside of the Snowshoeing Alps experience.

Where else can we Snowshoe

The Alps are HUGE and sweep down from Germany to Italy taking in Switzerland, France and Austria on the way. It’s all available to us. Norway is also a great location as it gets great snow. Georgia is an alternative location for somewhere new. The Sierra Nevada in Spain and a beautiful option. Slovenia, Romania and Iceland are also options.

Do I need additional insurance?

It is essential that all participants take out additional travel insurance for the trip. This should cover repatriation to UK/Ireland and rescue fees. Your insurance must list the location as a destination and have guided snowshoeing as an activity. Let us know if you need details on insurance companies. We also advise that you apply for your EHIC (formally E11).

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