Diary of an ACT thru-hiker. Day 3.

Kieran joined us in September 2023 on our inaugural Greenland Arctic Circle Trail trek from the ice-sheet to the sea. He kept a written and photographic journal of his adventure, which he has kindly allowed us to share with you. Check our main blog page for Days 0-2 and daily entries following this one!

Glorious walking weather, barely a cloud in the sky. The team of trekkers head towards a water crossing and their camp for the night. Mountains as far as the eye can see. Photo by Kieran Boyce.
Towards the end of our first day on the ACT itself.

10/9/23 Sunday. Day 3.

In camp.

Eventually started the main part of the trail.  Mick got some bad news last night when we got online again and he’s going to head home, so we’re down to 10.  It was horrible leaving Mick behind – he waved us off from the hostel doorway.  Some good news with the battery charger though.  The issue is a temperamental connection, but I can get it working and will be able to charge the camera batteries from the battery pack.

Chris, the bus driver dropped us to the trailhead about 10 km west from Kangerlussuaq, and we started walking from there.  We were on an ATV track for about 4.5km, and then headed off to the left along the side of a lake – very picturesque at the time, but we saw lots of picturesque lakes later on in the day, and probably more tomorrow.  Also, walking alongside them means we were in soft wet ground, something I think we’ll have to get used to.  A lot of splashing through water.

I got a nice shot of a young arctic hare.  Ronan was up front and spotted it, and called me up.  I got a couple of shots with the normal lens, then had time to take out the big lens for a couple more.  The hare just sat still the whole time – possibly its defensive mechanism is to sit still under cover.

We also had to ford a ‘crossing’ where two lakes had joined up into one.  It was only about 50m wide but was above our knees, so trousers and boots off, everything packed away, put on the crocs and walk across.  It was cold but not freezing.  My feet are still a bit cold as I’m writing this, but that’s from the wet socks and boots.  Not sure if I’ll bother putting on dry socks tomorrow, as they’ll probably be wet within half an hour of starting off.  I’ll decide in the morning.