Charity Abseiling Dalkey

Charity Challenge Event Dalkey Quarry, Dublin. Abseiling Dalkey.

Location: Abseiling Dalkey Quarry

Duration: 90

Suitable for Adults and over 10 year olds

Want to try Abseiling in Dublin and Dalkey?

Abseiling In Dublin

Reckon you are brave enough to Abseil down a 25 metre high vertical cliff?

If so, join us in Dalkey Quarry, Dublin for an exciting experience of this fun and exciting adventure activity.

Dalkey Quarry is by far one of the best locations in Ireland for Abseiling, we are ready to bring you to new heights!

There are a variety of cliffs to try and we start small and build it up getting bigger and bigger as we go. It can be a bit scary to start but you’ll soon build up the confidence to tackle the bigger cliffs. Our instructors are pros and won’t push, we’ll take it at your pace.

Charity Abseil

Are you ready for the BIG ONE! The 25m abseil with test your nerve but don’t worry we will be there to support all the way. After our briefing and gear up we’ll do an abseil on the flat! This gives you a chance to get your hands on the rope and talk through the abseil and how it all works.

Then we take a beautiful walk to the over Kiliney Hill to the start of the abseil. Before you start the abseil you’ll be on a safety line which we control from the top so we always have you! Then it’s time to take the step over the edge!

The start is always the scariest but once you’re down a couple of metres it gets a lot easier.

Abseiling Dalkey

Dalkey Quarry is located a 10 minute walk from Dalkey DART Station and gives spectacular views over Dublin Bay and south over the Wicklow Mountains. Dalkey Quarry has a rich history with its stone being exported near and far.

For charity events we take up to about 60 people in timeslots throughout the day. There is a cafe at the other end of the park and toilets.

Abseiling is also called Rappelling in some countries. Why is it called ‘abseiling’? Believe it or not it’s a German word ‘ab’ meaning down and ‘seil’ meaning rope!

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