Avalanche Safety Training


Time of yearAll year
Duration: 1 Day
Max group size:12 participants approx
Additional costs: None


  • Learn how to travel safely in the mountains
  • Hands-on with Avalanche Transceivers
  • Probe & Shovel use
  • Hazards

What’s included

  • Expert tuition
  • Use of transceivers, probes & shovel
  • Most up-to-date advise

Avalanche safety training

Avalanches happen, even in Ireland! However, this course is aimed at those heading to snow covered areas like Scotland, Alps etc. Our Avalanche Safety Training will equip you with the skills to stay safe on the mountains.

First rule of avalanche safety: avoid them! Learning how to read the ground, weather and avoid heuristic traps will greatly increase your chances of avoiding avalanche terrain.

However, even with the best planning you may still be involved in an avalanche or witness other being avalanched. Knowing what to do is essential as the first 15 minutes of a burial are the most crucial.

This one day course covers the following elements:

  • Preplanning
    • Weather / Terrain / Group
  • Snow science
  • Emergency procedures
    • Use of transceivers
    • Use of probes
    • Use of shovels

You’ll get hands-on with the PIEPS DSP Transceivers as we simulate buried casualties.

Avalanche safety

What you’ll need to bring:

  • Full rainwear
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Hat & gloves
  • We’ll have the rest of the kit for you

Avalanche safety training: Who’s for it

Regular hillwalkers or mountaineers who are planning walking, snowshoeing, climbing trips to snow-covered areas.

Our instructors are highly qualified and have many years experience on the mountains at home and abroad.

Avalanche Safety FAQs

How many days is this course?

This course is one day in duration.

Do participant need experience?

No, if you’re an outdoor expert or new to it you’ll find this course very enjoyable and useful.

What kit do participants need?

We’ll be outdoors for a good portion of the day so it’s important that you dress appropriately.

How many participants will there be?

We have space for 12 participants on this course

Where is this course run?

We run this course from Glendalough.

Do we provide private courses?

Yes, we certainly do. We can run this Avalanche Safety course for you 1 on 1 or for your group. We can also run this course for you in Scotland or the Alps etc.

Do we rent avalanche safety kit?

Yes, we certainly do. We have 6 sets of transceiver, probe and shovel for rent.

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