Petzl Ireland

We’re delighted to have Petzl as one of leading climbing brands in our outdoor store, Ireland. Anyone who knows Petzl recognises the brand as a leader in rock climbing, abseiling and work at height. Petzl Ireland.

Petzl Approved Dealer Ireland

We are online with a wide range of Petzl harnesses, helmets, hardware, NEOX, GriGri, carabiners, ASAPs and more.

Petzl Ireland

Coming from over 20 years of working professionally in the adventure activities sector we have the knowledge and skills to give you the right products and save you money.

Take for example the Panga Helmet from Petzl, specially designed for groups:

Pack of four durable, easy-to-use helmets for adventure centre, groups, clubs etc.

PANGA is a very durable, easy-to-use helmet, designed for group and club use. Its FLIP&FIT system immediately positions the headband in a low position, this guarantees that the helmet fits securely on the head and not slip. Petzl Ireland Shop. The system also protects the headband during storage or transport and allows easy adjustment by the operator or user. PANGA is composed of three removable components, all of which are available as replacement parts: shell, liner and harness/headband. We can provide replacement parts easily and rapidly so you are not down valuable kit. Helmet available in a pack of four units and in three colors.

 Petzl Ireland

Our range of Work-at-height and rescue equipment is very extensive and if we don’t have it in stock we can get it for you at very competitive prices

Some Petzl highlights:

Petzl I’D



Newton Easy Fit


Alveo Helmet


DELTA Maillon

Croll S Chest

Huit Descender

Tamdem Twin Pulley

Laser Speed Ice Screw

 We also provide a range of ice climbing equipment, take for example the Vasak crampon:

  • Thinner frame means reduced weight on this Petzl Ireland product.
  • Available with LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL or FLEXLOCK bindings, in order to attach to all types of boots, with or without front and rear welts, not sure which you have? Talk to us and we’ll set you straight!
  • ANTISNOW system, included with crampons, limits snow buildup in any snow conditions, essential to help prevent tripping.
  • Horizontal front points ensure solid purchase in hard snow

Petzl Specifications

  • Number of points: 12
  • Boot sizes: 36-50
  • Certification(s): CE, UIAA


 Weight: 840 g (with FIL), 875 g (with FIL FLEX)Weight: 810 g
Guarantee3 years3 years

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