Smidge Ireland

Looking for an insect repellant that works. Trusted by Mountain Rescue Teams in Wicklow? Smidge! Developed in Scotland made to work in Ireland. Smidge Ireland.

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Smidge Ireland

Developed and tested in Scotland, home to the killer midge! Smidge is a DEET free midge and mosquito repellent which contains the key ingredient; Picaridn, that not only feels great on your skin, it actually works!  Smidge Ireland.

It’s scientifically proven to provide instant, sweat-proof protection for up to 8 hours and SAFE for all the family from 2+ years. It also feels great on your skin and unlike DEET products it won’t melt your sunglasses and other plastics.

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Smidge comes in a practical, robust and lightweight 75ml aluminium pump spray and a smaller travel 18ml bottle. Thanks to its novel, water and sweat resisting formula it provides powerful, immediate protection for up to 8 hours without re-application.

At a glance:

  • Powerful, water- and sweat-resistant protection for up to 8 hours
  • Protects against insects around world – as well as the infamous Scottish biting midge, it gives excellent protection against mosquitoes, horse flies, ticks and other biting pests
  • Safe for adults, pregnant women and especially good for use with young children (from 2 years)
  • Non-sticky, moisturising milk formulation with a pleasant fragrance
  • Alcohol-free
  • DEET-free: contains 20% Picaridn (also known as Saltidin), recommended by WHO, Health Protection Scotland and Public Health England for effective biting-insect protection. Smidge Ireland.
  • Developed and tested in Scotland under the harshest of midge conditions.

Smidge insect Repellent

Do we get mosquitoes in Ireland? Yes, but very few. The number 1 enemy is Midge.

These tiny little insects love mild, calm days and especially near water. Keeping covered up, using Smidge on exposed skin and wearing light coloured clothing all helps in the battle. Spraying a little around your ankles will also help. Smidge Ireland.

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Another enemy is Ticks. These blood-sucking insects lie in wait on foliage and make the jump onto passing prey. Ticks can also, on rare occasions, carry Lymes Decease, this is a debilitating condition if not caught early. It’s important you know how to recognise the signs and symptoms and take action. Smidge Ireland.

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