Specialist Training / Access


Time of year: All year
Duration: Any
Maximum group size: Any
Full costs: Varies
Additional costs: None


  • Filming
  • Surveys
  • Weed eradication
  • Difficult access solutions
  • Snow and extreme weather
  • Specialist heights training
  • Fixed line, ice axe, crampon training

What we provide

  • Highly experienced and expert instructors
  • Specialist equipment
  • All over Ireland

Specialist Training

Need to access difficult to reach areas- cliffs, water, buildings? We provide a range of specialist training / access options.

Filming: abseiling from buildings, steep ground, safety cover

Surveys: access hard to reach areas

Weed Eradication: cliff access

Snow & Extreme Weather: we can operate in all conditions and are professionally qualified in avalanche risk assessment and safety.

Specialist training

Looking for technical training for mountaineering: fixed lines, ice axe and crampons?

We can provide cover in Ireland and all over the world. Each job is accommpanied by:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Safety Statement

Our sister company PROSAR also provides a range of access options.

We also provide a wide range of training opportunities for you:

  • Work at height
  • Rescue from height
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Extreme weather safety
  • Lone work safety
  • Remote areas safety
  • Risk assessment

Adventure.ie was formed in 1999 and has been providing a diverse range of adventure training in Wicklow and around Ireland. Our background spans many professional areas:

  • Engineering
  • Work at Height
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Adventure Sports
  • International Mountaineering
  • Arctic Guiding

specialist training

This gives us a unique skillset to tackle difficult projects that others struggle with.

Past projects have included:

  • 3D Survey St.Kevins Bed
  • Filming Dubling Castle
  • Filming Croke Park / Hogan Stand Roof
  • Photocall Dalkey Quarry
  • ESB Pollardstown Fen water access
  • Various rope access projects

If you need consultation services or specialist training in difficult access, safety cover and various other projects please get in touch. If we can’t help you we can probably point you in the direction of people who can!

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