Treasure Hunts Waterford


AvailabilityAll year
Duration: 1.5 to 2.5 hours
Maximum group size: 10,000
Full costs: €50pp*
*Discounts for groups? We certainly do! Just contact us for offers.
Start times: To suit you


  • Easy book
  • No deposit required
  • Bottle champagne for winning team
  • Non-strenuous
  • Suitable for all

What’s included

  • Event Manager on the day
  • All activity equipment
  • Bottle of champagne

Treasure Hunts Waterford

If you’re searching for an enjoyable and relaxing activity, consider giving our Treasure Hunts Waterford a try. They are perfect for fostering team spirit and creating memorable experiences, whether it’s for team building or hen parties.

Treasure Hunts are an excellent choice for your group as they appeal to a broad range of participants, with no mess or dirt involved.

We’ve special discount rates for groups. Get in touch today.

Treasure Hunts Waterford

You’ll find that our Treasure Hunts are unique- we don’t just hand you a sheet of paper with clues! There is loads to do and your Event Manager will take care of everything on the day- all you need to do is turn up, we’ll do the rest!


You can start your treasure hunt any time of day, your Event Manager will meet you there.

No need for a deposit.

Treasure Hunts are a great option:

The Treasure Hunts are highly sought-after and well-received by participants. They cater to a broad audience and are neither physically demanding, nor wet, nor messy. We can arrange a starting/finishing point that suits your preferences. The event commences with the group being divided into smaller teams consisting of 5-6 members each. Their objective is to accumulate as many points as possible in order to emerge victorious.

Prior to the start, a briefing is conducted and each team is provided with a challenge book. This book outlines their mission and provides instructions on how to earn points. The Treasure Hunts Waterford challenge comprises of three parts. Firstly, teams must locate and replicate a series of landmark photos in the vicinity using their camera. The more challenging the landmark, the higher the points awarded. Subsequently, teams are directed to our event staff who will present them with a fun challenge to complete, such as a puzzle or a similar task.

Lastly, bonus points are awarded for the most humorous team photo and for returning with specific items. Teams must return within a specified time limit. Scores are calculated and a prize-giving ceremony is held at the conclusion of the event, with the winning team receiving a bottle of champagne as a reward.

Treasure Hunts Waterford

Waterford is the perfect location for our Treasure Hunts. We are flexible with regard to start/finish points. Start times are to suit you. You choose the start time for your event and we’ll do the rest. There’s no need for a deposit and payment terms are easy.

If you are looking for accommodation there are several sites that will allow group bookings:

We also provide Treasure Hunts all over Ireland.


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